Quick and easy diner 2

Here is a quick and easy diner that takes less then 30 minutes.

What you need

BRed onion


Red pepper 


Pork Loin

Soba noodles

Corn (frozen)

1 pot

Coconut oil


Step 1

 Prep your vegetables by slicing them

Put them in a pre heated pot


Step 2

Cut your pork into cubes

Put in pot with vegetables and stir for 8 minutes


Step 3 

Put in just enough water to cover everything

Add salt , pepper and any of your favorited me spices

Bring to a simmer

Put soba noodles into the pot and cover with lid


Step 4

Let cook until the soba noodles are tender and pork is cooked.

Then taste make sure your seasoning is how you like it.

Then serve and enjoy! 


Welcome to my Blog

HI ! Thank you for coming to read my blog .  This blog is tid bits and such of things I have learned on my journey .

I am hoping everyone will get some useful information and a laugh at my attempts to figure things out as I go along .

Though you may ask go a long with what ? right? The what is life ! As like many of you I am working this with a lot of trial and error and the errors are my learning curves.

I am a 29 year old women ( not girl – women! I will explain later) , recently married and in my 2nd career maybe 3rd . Life has thrown me quite the few curve balls that I have muddled through along the way and hope to share with you in hopes my muddling makes you feel less a lone in yours.

This is a life style blog so I will blog about everything from food.. cleaning..pets…and well life.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing with you all ! 400454_10151227932655174_1140590606_n