Getting Ready for Baby #2 !

So we are 5 weeks away from baby #2’s due date and the question I get asked most (besides omg are you having twins??!?) is are you all ready? What dose ready mean? Emotionally? All the Stuff? Clothes? Money? Paper work? What do they mean because who is really ready???!

Well at almost 35 weeks I do not know if we are ready or even close to being ready. The things we have ready a34 weeks the basics and mostly survival items but we have a bit to go.

What I have ready: 

Diapers (Cloth and Disposable)
Wipes ( our 2-year-old is not quite potty trained so we always have lots of those on hand)
Sleeping Cot set up – with extra bedding purchased
Nursing Chair ready
Breast Pump Purchased
Sleepers and Onsies – washed and ready to go
Car seat – The one from our son is still go (YEAH)
Bouncy chair
2nd high chair purchased
Bottles – Washed and new nipples purchased (we used glass the first time around so easy to clean and re-use)
Freezer Meals for dinners started – freezer is pretty full but only have about 2 weeks worth of dinners ready – need to start other items for breakfast and snacks

What we still need to do ….. (excuse me while I cringe at this list )

Put up push lights by change table and nursing chair – want to do this so that I don’t have to turn on full lights as she will be living in our bedroom.
Setting up her bedroom ( this is a huge project because we are turning our office into her bedroom)
Packing Hospital Bags
Install car seat in-car
Get more baby clothes ?? what really is enough or too much when your baby is born in the winter. (first-born was a summer baby)
Calling Insurance company to go over any requirements.
Getting gifts for the 2 siblings to give to each other when they meet for the first time. ( I hear this helps with the older sibling being okay with the new addition)

I am probably missing a bunch of things but I will not realize it until she comes into the world and I bring her home and go oh poop!!! This is why I Laugh every time someone asks me “So are you all ready?” , my answer well I don’t know. Are you ever really ever ready to bring a new tiny person into your home? I think you get as ready as you can and you prepare to the best that you can. Will it be perfect? Ummm.. no I know that for sure. When we brought my son home for the first time we were very unprepared and we thought we had it in the bag. Life went sideways when I could not breast feed enough and I was hit with PPD and so on and so on. Life no matter how ready you think you are will throw you curve balls. Prep as much as you can , get yourself set up with more than just stuff, set up support, a plan, a back up plan. Talk to your partner or who ever is with you during this time because bringing a new baby home will be the most wonderful scary thing you will ever do. I am doing it again and I am still sh*t scared I am going to mess this up. That maybe I am not ready enough, but the truth to the matter is that I am not ready for this. The reason is because no, you are not ready not in the way that you think you are , you might have all the stuff you can possibly purchase but there is so much more to it then that.

That is why they say motherhood is the hardest thing you will ever do because it is, and that it okay!

Wishing you all expecting and new and old time moms out there all the love and sanity!


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