Our Month of Allergy Cooking for One

So our toddler has been constantly sick. This has been a nonstop puffy face and runny nose and upset tummy since he was very little. So after much harassing of doctors we finally got him in to get some allergy testing. He did amazing we did the scratch test which is not the most accurate but it is a start.

From this test they found out that he has sensitivities to Milk /Egg Whites (whole / yolk was not tested) / Shell Fish / Peanuts / Dust Mites/ Cats/ Pollen. Nothing very serious and most he will apparently grow out of by the time he is in school but for now we were told to try and minimize these items for 30 days and then slowly see which the actual culprit is. Since this test was also limited to 15 items it was not extensive and it could be something completely else causing his issues but here we start and as I am sure many parents know battling with a system that thinks your over reacting is not fun, but it is what we have and where most of us need to start.

So now it begins trying to figure out what the heck to feed your kid when a lot of the quick and easy foods you relied on are now out!

So here I begin which also not trying to break the bank with specialty brands that charge you an arm and a leg because they are allergy safe. Again I went to the store and spent $50.00 on what seemed like almost nothing! I know groceries are already expensive so trying to find a happy balance where you are not going broke and also working within the confines on your child’s food restrictions is tricky.  I have found some cheap alternatives but again those were pure chemicals or just sugar filled (Face Palm) which is not what we are looking to do either.

So this week’s meals are going to be not as planned as what I normally do as week 1 I am slightly flying by the seat of my pants!


  • Smoothies
  • Oatmeal
  • Bacon


  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Crackers
  • Coconut Yogurt with Berries
  • Rice cakes with Sunflower seed butter


  • Diya Mac and Cheese with Baked Beans
  • Grilled Cheese with Diya Cheese and Earth Butter (non diary butter)


We do not use a lot of diary or egg in our dinners so it is not really an issue and substitutions are quite simple there.

Drinks are a bit harder because his milk in the morning is like my coffee so we have switched out so Almond milk in the morning but this will not work for daycare as they are a nut free zone soo… I am going to try coconut beverage and hemp milk. Fingers crossed that he likes one of these 2 alternatives.

I am hoping this will be an easy transition and once I have time to make some Vegan baked goods I will be able to add back his muffins or banana bread to his breakfast or snack times. I am also going to be sourcing some new recipes and allergy cook books that are more geared towards daycare and toddler friendly recipies as a lot of the adult ones are great but very messy to eat and I am sure the daycare will appreciate the less messy meals.

Wish me luck ❤


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