Colds and Flu’s – Few tips on staying healthy

Cough Cough ……you know you have heard it and cringed when in a crowd of people wondering who it was and who to avoid.

I take public transit and with a baby under a year I cringe at the sound of people coughing and sneezing near me. Not only do I not want to get sick but I really do not want my baby to get sick. There are so many do’s and do not’s when it comes to flu and cold season that people seem to forget.

So here are some tips to stay healthy this season and avoid the nasty that comes around.

1 ) Wash your hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You do not need to use anti bacterial soaps, just warm water and soap. Wash your hands, under your nails etc. I take public transit so as soon as I get home its the first thing that I do. Just think about how many public surfaces you touch in a day. By just washing your hands you can seriously cut back on your chances of getting sick.

2) Get sleep.

Sleep is a huge thing people forget when it comes to their health. If you are exhausted due to lack of sleep, your body is then run down and will have a harder time fighting off what viruses and infections that it comes across.

Phones and smart watches now how apps that try to encourage proper sleep, telling you time to go to get ready for bed and go to bed. It is actually speculated that if you are sleep deprived your brain starts to shrink!!! Now I do not know if this is true but I do know if I do not get enough sleep I do feel less able to handle the day.

3) Eat a balanced Diet! 

Flu season is holiday season which means we are all either doing a little too much indulging or we are trying to get back on track. The more foods that we eat that are over sugared, alcohol-ed and greased make our bodies have to work harder and we do not get the nutrition we need from them. This makes us slow, bloated and more susceptible to colds etc. because we do not have the reserves and internal resources to fight off whats attacking us.

Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated will not only make us feel good but will help us fight off any nasty stuff floating around.

4) Take your vitamins

If you do not have the best diet taking some extra vitamins during this time while be it in pill/liquid or shake it is always good to give yourself a boost. Try vitamins that help with your gut health. Gut health is so important to our immune systems and it is important to help us stay healthy and fight off many illnesses.

If you are sick please stay home if you can to take care of yourself and not spread the love to all your friends and co-workers. If you do have to go out while sick please remember coughing into  your elbow is better then coughing into your hands in which you will inevitably touch touch things with.

Hope everyone has a healthy season!






New Year – New Goals and Plans

Happy New Year’s everyone! Now what did you say you were going to achieve in 2017?

I have a list of things I would like to do and am working on my plan to make them happen. You have so many ways you can look at your 2017 goals!

Even the smallest goal or resolution requires a plan and smaller steps. It takes at least 21 days to change a habit and without a plan you might give up by day 11.

The best way to start these new plans in the new year is by writing them down! Hit pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Write out your goals and think about what you need to do to make them happen.

Example: run 5km

  1. buy running shoes
  2. set a side time for walk – after dinner for 30 min
  3. get an app to track running
  4. join group
  5. walk 5km
  6. run 1km
  7. run 2.5km
  8. run 4km
  9. run 5km

These are all the small steps to make sure that you are set up for success. I have listened to many great speakers that all say the same thing, you need to break it down so that the big goal is not so unattainable. Make it into smaller goals and give them time lines. Don’t just say lose weight, make a plan and make small goals so that you will have many victories instead of one. It will leave you feeling so much better and less like you are staring down a long tunnel to your end goal.

2017 can be an amazing year for you by setting yourself up for success and lots of small victories instead of a few big ones.

Sending lots of Cheer ! Happy 2017!!