Laundry – sorting of sorts 

So when doing laundry the first step is sorting ! So much sorting!! It keeps your nice clothes nice and lasting longer . Which is a big plus in my book. 

No one wants dingy whites or faded blacks or those nice underwear ruined !!!! I know I don’t – so here is the skinny on sorting ! ​​



Quick it’s scrambled eggs! 

This morning in all my just got out of bed glory ( actually been awake since 6am with my son but now it’s just time to feed me now)  I made scrambled eggs. Thought I would share how easy and quick it it. All you need is 2 eggs , splash of milk and some seasoning. 

In the video I am using a non stick pan so I only used a small amount of butter for flavour.  

Hope everyone has a great breakfast! ​

Egg Poaching 101

So this morning I made a short video ( cause it did not need a long one) on how to poach an egg. I realized that in order to choose to eat a healthier diet ,some cooking basics and realizing how easy they it can be is important to accomplish this. I apologize for the lighting;but hope it helps everyone have a healthier start to their day!