From Blah to HA! meal time tricks and tips

Go from this….IMG_4944  to this …..IMG_4969  make meal time fun again!


Trying to make a healthy well balanced meal every night of the week can be over whelming and stressful and make diner time a chore!

First things first you have to go in with a plan, which yeah I  know seems like extra work but if you don’t plan you won’t have what you need to have those great and healthy meals.  Then you will end up stressed and scrambling or eating out more then you want.

Knowing what you are going to cook can be the first stop to making diner more fun. What how why you ask staring at this like you crazy! Well yes I am but that is beside the point!

I like to go online, magazines, cookbooks and Pintrest to find things I want to try to eat or just to see if I can do it. Then make a list Monday through Sunday what each meal will be. Once you have this you will have a good idea of what you need to buy for the week. This is great because going shopping with a plan not only makes you kitchen time easier but your wallet will thank you too!

Trick for grocery shopping is never go hungry! I know you all have heard it, but it is so true. If you go hungry that bag of chips and all those foods you had no intention of buying become really enticing and before you know it your cart is full but not really of anything that makes a good meal. Just of every bad craving you have in that moment and then your wallet is like AH!  You spent how much on all that junk!

So step one plan! Plan! PLAN! Step two is turn on the music! I spent over 10 years working in kitchens as a professional and one thing ever kitchen had in common that i worked it was music! Loud and fun music!  This got us through some of the worst shifts where you never thought would end, someone would turn on the tunes and it changed everything. The mood lifted and all of a sudden you’re singing a long, dancing and the whole mood changed. You can do this in your home too, just by turning on some of your favorite tunes. This is something so simple that changes the mood in your kitchen and makes from this chore to your own dancing party with you singing into a spoon!

So now that I have you carefully dancing in your kitchen (please remember you are still in a kitchen so mind the stove and knives). It is time to start cooking the meals that you planned on your list. Remember food is an art, an art that is completely free to interpretation. If that receipe you found asks you to use something you don’t have improvise, no cream use milk and see what happens. No one is going to know but you and you are your biggest critic.  Try making the small fancy cuts or turning the potatoes, challenge yourself. Challenging yourself in the kitchen can be so much fun and make diner time for the rest of the family more exciting because they see you having fun with it.

I do get though what if you don’t want to challenge yourself and you just want to get diner on the table because your day was challenging enough well that is a daily truth too. Planning is still your number one friend! When you hunt and plan for those breakfasts, lunches and dinner recipes look for ones that can be made it bulk so if you don’t mind eating the same side for a few days its ready and one less thing to cook.  If you are cutting carrots for tonight’s diner but have carrots in your lunch or dinner later in the week cut some extra and set them aside so that its done! Small things like that can make diner time so much easier.

Remember its just food! Not saying that it is not important but it is not the end of the world if your roast is a little dry or your carrots are all little over cooked. Heck if you over cook your root vegetables turn it into a mash.

To go along with this post throughout the week I will be posting simple meals that can be either made in advance or take traction of the time for a great healthy meal!

Thank you !




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