Live Class VS. DVD – Ding ding

I know we have all weighed the pros and cons of live classes vs. getting a workout DVD. Each has their strong points and weak points and it will really depend on what you are looking for and where you’re located. I am lucky and live around a lot of gyms and studios but I still wonder if going to a class worth it? Or am I getting enough out of this DVD?

Cost is generally the main driver of getting a DVD vs. going to a live class. The DVD or set is one single payment, meanwhile going to any gym or studio for any class you normally have to pay monthly or for a certain number of sessions. For example at my local community centre I can join a class for one cost let’s say 8 for 75$. Now that sounds quite reasonable but my DVD is the (sometimes) same price but I can watch it more than 8 times and teaches the same thing. If money was the only factor well there would be no live classes, as everyone would go for the most cost effective option and maybe that is you’re only swaying factor; but for most of us there are many other factors involved!

Time for instance is a huge factor for a lot of people, even bigger than financial. If you have to drive to class be there 10 – 15 min early to check in and get dressed , attend the 30- 60 min class then leave ,get dressed , showered , pack up and drive home or to your next appointment /meeting/work/thing on the never ending list it can be daunting. It’s so much easier to just roll out of bed do your workout at home and be done with it. Shower in your own shower and not have to worry that you forgot to pack something.  At this point the DVD sounds like the best option does it not? Saves you time and money the 2 things you spend a lot of time thinking about right? Although are you getting everything you need from that DVD? Are you bored after watching it 10 times? I don’t know about you but I do have a lot of workout DVD’s at home. Some are great and I love doing them but they seem to end up collecting dust as I choose to go to my live class instead. I must be crazy right? I spent the money on them and I enjoy them so why aren’t I doing them!?!! The answer is I do use them but not as frequent anymore because the challenge is lost or I find that I can predict the workout a little too well and I get bored. So I go to the live class where the teacher can mix it up just a little to keep things more interesting.

I now come to the space issue. Not everyone has an open space to do these workouts. Some of these DVD’s expect you to be able to create quite a large space to workout in. Not only is there physical space issues but personal space i.e. room mate / husband/pets / kids. If you live in small apartment it can be hard to create space to do your workout without stepping on the toes of people you live with, or having your pet decide that this is the perfect time to play. So the at home workout can be difficult when you don’t have a large living room or bedroom of your own. So now what right? You have all these things to think about and that’s not even the end of the list!

Facilities and equipment are something to think about as well.  Do you want to have a sauna or use expensive equipment without having to buy it yourself? Then there is the teacher, which I believe is a great pro to going to classes. They are able to tell you how to use the equipment or correct your moves to prevent injury and have a more effective workout. I know that I sometimes find myself needing some more instruction for a workout I have never done before that maybe a DVD will not provide. Like in yoga when I am doing a stretch and the teacher comes by and corrects me just that little bit and all of a sudden I am doing a pose I had been struggling with.  You will not get that from your DVD and you might not want that.

I find the best part though from class is that I get to socialize with people. See new faces and get pumped by other class mates. I am competitive by nature to I will push myself harder when I am in a group setting in contrast to being at home where it’s just me and oddly I am not as competitive with myself.

Okay so now I have thoroughly confused you to which is better right? Well like I said they each have their place or the other would not exist! It really depends on what your needs are and what you are looking for. I personally have the luxury of mixing it up, so I go to yoga in a studio before work and do my other workouts at home when I am not in need of gym equipment. Being a runner I learned that shaking things up is important as important in listening to your body and its needs. If you new at something maybe taking a few classes with an instructor will help you get the hang of it and then you can do it at home more safely.  If you want to stick with a class but are worried about wasting money there is always the option of a trail class or new membership discounts.  Sales are also great for either option! Most gyms and studios have regular deals and sales you can utilize.Remember this is a personal choice and what works for one may not work for you!

Good luck and remember to have fun! If you’re not having fun you won’t keep doing it, no matter where you chose to workout.



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