Welcome to my Blog

HI ! Thank you for coming to read my blog .  This blog is tid bits and such of things I have learned on my journey .

I am hoping everyone will get some useful information and a laugh at my attempts to figure things out as I go along .

Though you may ask go a long with what ? right? The what is life ! As like many of you I am working this with a lot of trial and error and the errors are my learning curves.

I am a 29 year old women ( not girl – women! I will explain later) , recently married and in my 2nd career maybe 3rd . Life has thrown me quite the few curve balls that I have muddled through along the way and hope to share with you in hopes my muddling makes you feel less a lone in yours.

This is a life style blog so I will blog about everything from food.. cleaning..pets…and well life.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing with you all ! 400454_10151227932655174_1140590606_n

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