Running Running .. OW – What ?

Running hmm you think it is not a hard thing to do and learn right?  Well I learned wrong !

I have been actively running for about 2 years now and started so that I could run on my works Sun Run team.  After I ran my first race ( 5KM) I felt amazing ! very pumped and ready for the next and next . So being all pumped and ready to go the next day I got up the next morning to run my usual training route . Got about 1.5 KM before a hot pain in my leg started, well that hot pain turned sharp and then I went from running to sitting on the side of the road unwilling to move .

So I hobble over to my mom’s apartment and got some ice and a ride home as I was in not shape to run or walk the short trip home. Later after pain killers and a hot bath and much research  I learn that it is shin splints that have stopped my great running high! This would be the first of my many OW’s in my journey.

The things I learned to prevent these kind of injuries from coming back after much trial and error . With some other tid bits of info.

Good Shoes ! – You need good shoes to run !!! I can not say this enough , they made all the difference. Good shoes meaning shoes that work best for your body and stance. I recommend a running store or sports store and getting shoes meant for running. Do not go by look its all about feel , the prettiest shoe might not be the right one for you.

Warm Up ! – I know this sounds silly since you are about to run and think maybe the short 3 min walk you did is enough but it is not! Warming up all your muscles is important. Jumping jacks , arm wind mills ( you use your whole body to run not just legs and feet) etc.

After Cool down and Stretch! – Tired after the run , yeah I hear that! But making sure you stretch it out after it really important in order to prevent injury.

Do other exercises ! – Running is great but if you plan running a lot make sure you fit in other exercises as well – your core those tummy and back muscles are important too !

Clothes! – Yes a pair of old sweats and t – shirt works just fine . As you run you will find what clothes work best for you. Just make sure you dress weather appropriate . For example if it is super hot – hat and sun glasses , light t – shirt etc. in winter   layers / gloves and a warm hat. You will sweat and when you are warm you will take them off but after wow do you cool fast and it gets cold!

Food and H2O ! – Eating right is always good for you . Personally I cannot eat a large meal before I run. I go for a coffee and half a banana, after though its a smoothie and maybe something else depending on how far I ran.

Hydrating during your run and after is really important!!! You want to make sure you replenish your body with everything you just sweat out. This can be done with Coconut water, plain water , water mixed with your favorite vitamin powder or sport additive powder.

Of course there is a lot of other things that help with running but these are the few I found to be the most important to prevent injury and keep me     running strong !

Rachel Running


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